Where Should I Start?

Where Should I Start

One of the most frequently asked question is “From what direction should I start my hike?” The answer is quite simple, “It depends”.


  • If you feel most comfortable starting at the most difficult end and working your way toward relatively easier terrain, then the south end is probably your best choice.


  • If you prefer to start out easier, and gradually merge into more difficult terrain over the course of a few days, then starting at the north end is probably best. By the time you hit the really tough stuff, your pack will be lighter and your body will be more in the rhythm with the trail.


  • If you do not have sufficient time to hike the entire trail and are an experienced backcountry trekker, then starting at Nitnaht Narrows and heading  south makes sense.


  • If you do not want to hike the entire trail and have limited backcountry backpacking experience then starting at Nitinaht Narrows and heading north should work well,


  • If you really don’t care where you start, or finish, just as long as you can get out there and enjoy one of the top ten backcountry hiking experiences in the world then it makes little difference.



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