West Coast Trail Links


  • — This is a great way to check the tide levels for the week or your trek. If you’re not familiar with tide tables it will give you a chance to practice before the hike.



  • — What’s it like in Port Renfrew? Visit this community site. Important WCT links can also be found here.



  • — If you’re looking for bus transportation from either end of the trail, this is the site to visit.


  • — A charming personal perspective by a hiker from Europe; “We (Manuela (then my girlfriend) and I) did this trip in early August 1995 and it was one of the greatest hikes we ever did.”


  • — There’s much more to the village of Bamfield than the WCT trailhead. This is a thriving coastal town with several unusual and charming features.”


  • — You will pass through Sooke on your way to the south end of the trail.  Take a look at the awesome photos.  Many useful links here.


  • — If you feel you need to read a detailed account of the hike, these pages are for you.


  • — Don’t miss this colourful website!  It’s all things “hiking” around Victoria including the West Coast Trail.


  • — An excellent website for all things West Coast Trail.


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