Beach Boogie

The Beach Boogie



The loose sand and gravel of the beach presents a very special kind of walking.

One of my hiking companions was a 6′ 5′, 250 pound ex-football defense men. Compared to this tower of strength, I and my other two companions were midgets. His greater strength became more noticeable when we had to plough long hours over loose beach sand. Giant strides kept him well out in front. We had to run to keep up. Almost by accident, one of us stumbling, short guys discovered that walking in the big guys compressed tracks was easier than striking across virgin sand. Soon we were a single file column moving up the beach like a drunken snake. When our big leader stopped we stopped. When he moved we moved. He never discovered we were hopping from one, size 13 triple-E footprint to the next, until that evening over an aperitif. Have you ever watched grown men giggle?

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