Here are some pictures along the West Coast Trail. Enjoy!



Hikers need to check in at the trail-head office. Watch a video, pay the fees, get a permit,  map and tide table.


These rocks were the scene of the famous Valencia tragedy.  During the cold of January, passengers clung to the rigging as the ship slowly disintegrated.



This sunset is taken at Walbran Creek. We can only hope that your sunset is as wonderful as ours was!




One of several cable-car crossings is at Klanawa River.   The water is a gorgeous translucent green. Don’t forget to scream as you ride across.



Wayne and Dave taking in the sun together on the trail. Wayne looking fresh and Dave looking like he needs some more food.

Dave and Wayne.jpg


Tsusiat Falls is perhaps the most famous and busiest stop on the trail.  Everyone wants to hang around this unique fall that forms a pool in the sand.080tsusiat.jpg


This is the final bridge on the trail… number 108.  That’s a lot of bridges wouldn’t you say?



The trail at the north end is broad, flat and easy going. This 10 km stretch to  the Pachena Lighthouse was originally a wagon road.



Wayne taking one of his many naps along the trail. If you ask Wayne he would say it’s crucial to his completion of the trail over so many years.Wayne Sleeping.jpg


After coming in after a day of hiking and setting up camp it is the perfect time to sit back and relax. Here you can see Wayne catching up on the most recent Blisters and Bliss book.

Camp Life.JPG


Here is Dave making a face that can scare anyone if you see it. When Dave is making this face it is a good rule to not get within 10 meters of him!



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