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“Hiking the West Coast Trail gave me a sense of accomplishment I hope I never feel again.  Couldn’t have done it without Blisters and Bliss. It was like the Bible, only with fewer locusts and better maps.”…Jack Knox, 2016 Stephen Leacock Award Nominee, for “Hard Knox, Musings From the Edge of Canada”

“No Fuddy-duddies, authors Foster and Aitken provide solid information to hiking the West Coast Trail.  Spiced with humorous anecdotes that only years of trail slogging could produce.  The illustrations by Nelson Dewey are a delight.”  …Backpacker Magazine

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Books will be in the mail the day after the postal address has been received. Books usually reach their destination within 10 days.  Payments can be made via Paypal or cheque.

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A book destined within Canada (including taxes and postage) costs $20 CDN.  A book to the USA is $23. Orders from Europe are welcome but the price is variable, depending on the destination

Commercial dealers can order directly from our associate publisher, Heritage Books.

Amazon.com and Amazon.ca have the Kindle edition available.

NOTE: The 9th edition of Blisters and Bliss is now available.

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