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Blisters and Bliss 10th Edition

Blisters and Bliss 10th Edition


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Blisters and Bliss 10th Edition

Blisters and Bliss 10th Edition


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NOTE: The 10th edition of Blisters and Bliss is now available.



Book Reviews:

“Hiking the West Coast Trail gave me a sense of accomplishment I hope I never feel again.  Couldn’t have done it without Blisters and Bliss. It was like the Bible, only with fewer locusts and better maps.”…Jack Knox, 2016 and 2017 Stephen Leacock Award Nominee, for Humour Writing”

“No Fuddy-duddies, authors Foster and Aitken provide solid information to hiking the West Coast Trail.  Spiced with humorous anecdotes that only years of trail slogging could produce.  The illustrations by Nelson Dewey are a delight.”  …Backpacker Magazine

“The West Coast Trail. It’s a bucket-lister for hikers from all over the globe.
The West Coast Trail is open to hikers from May 1 to September 30 each year. The trail is unsafe to hike the remainder of the year due to heavy storms. Permits must be secured to hike the trail, and the best dates sell out quickly in January when reservations open. If the WCT hiking season is almost over, why are we looking at this book now, you ask? Well, because if you want any chance of doing this hike in 2019,  you better start preparing now. And Blisters and Bliss is a terrific book to help you do just that. At 145 pages, the book is thin enough to not be intimidating, but packs enough valuable information to be well worth the investment. There are route descriptions for every segment of the trail, and campsite recommendations for different treks lasting 5, 6, and 7 nights (north-to-south and vise-versa). And maybe best of all, the entire book is hilariously illustrated. Blisters and Bliss has been a WCT preparation favorite for over 30 years (it is currently in it’s 10th edition (2022).” Outdoor Vancouver Newsletter Book of the Month August 2018

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